Stripes Latte Salmon Navy

$220.00 GST

  • Pure Australian Merino, made from our very own Yalong Yarn
  • Blanket 100cm wide x 140cm long
  • Latte, Salmon and Navy alternating stripes
  • Latte edging
  • Blanket is reversible

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Embroidery (Optional)

We also can have your little ones precious garment personalised forever with their name, special date or from whom it came.
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Natural Fibres

The Benefits

Of Natural Merino Wool

  • Australian Merino Wool is nature’s wonder fibre — one of the best fabrics for children’s wear.

  • Merino Wool has a naturally high wick ability rate. This means it absorbs more moisture than cotton from the body, creating a more stable body temperature and giving a much better sleep.

  • It is difficult to ignite, won’t melt and can self extinguish, making it an ideal choice in children’s bedding.

  • It has natural odor fighting and antibacterial properties that absorb and neutralize body odours.

  • The wool is hypoallergenic – meaning that it is resistant to mould, mildew, bacteria and dust mites which can trigger asthma and allergic reactions for some people.

  • It is naturally elastic and will retain its shape even after being wrapped around your baby or tucked under a cot mattress.

  • It is a natural and renewable resource that requires no harsh chemicals to process and creates very little carbon footprint. It is also biodegradable so after a long lifespan can be returned to earth for natural recycling.

  • Merino Wool garments retain their appearance and therefore look new for longer.

  • Our products are fully machine washable.