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Being fourth generation Merino wool growers, Leroy Mac Designs owner Rebecca and Rod McErvale know and understand the benefits of wool. Through our constant research and development programs, we have created a range of garments that are both contemporary and elegant.

Sadly, there are no longer Australian woolen mills who process wool as required for our products. After four years of searching, we were fortunate enough to find an Italian spinner who would process our greasy wool into the yarn that we use, and we select the BEST of each year’s wool clip in all of our garments. And so “From Farm to Fashion –Yalong Yarn” was born.

Our pure wool blankets help in regulating body temperature, producing a warm micro-climate in winter and a cool climate in summer. They are resistant to bacteria, molds and mildew, and are flame resistant. Made from superwash wool, our range of garments are all machine washable.

Using OUR Merino Wool, we are able to produce the exceptional feel of softness, comfort and quality that Leroy Mac Designs range of garments are known for. We are very proud that we are one of only a few 100% Australian owned businesses that produce quality wool products right here in country Victoria from wool off THEIR OWN farm.

For centuries pure, natural wool has been used by humans for clothing, and try as they may scientists have not been able to reproduce the natural properties of wool synthetically. Merino Wool is an unique natural fibre and being sourced from our OWN farm we have full control over our fibre and the ability to incorporate comfort, style, coolness, drape , elasticity, wrinkle recovery, tenacity and warmth in our garments making it the ideal choice in clothing for your family.

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The Benefits

Of Our Natural Merino Wool

  • Australian Merino Wool is nature’s wonder fibre — one of the best fabrics for children’s wear.

  • Merino Wool has a naturally high wick ability rate. This means it absorbs more moisture than cotton from the body, creating a more stable body temperature and giving a much better sleep.

  • It is difficult to ignite, won’t melt and can self extinguish, making it an ideal choice in children’s bedding.

  • It has natural odour fighting and antibacterial properties that absorb and neutralise body odours.

  • The wool is hypoallergenic – meaning that it is resistant to mould, mildew, bacteria and dust mites which can trigger asthma and allergic reactions for some people.

  • It is naturally elastic and will retain its shape even after being wrapped around your baby or tucked under a cot mattress.

  • It is a natural and renewable resource that requires no harsh chemicals to process and creates very little carbon footprint. It is also biodegradable so after a long lifespan can be returned to earth for natural recycling.

  • Merino Wool garments retain their appearance and therefore look new for longer.

  • Our products are fully machine washable.

Our Awards

Awarded 2018

In 2018, Leroy Mac Designs was thrilled to be awarded the Federation Business School Creative Industries Business Award from Commerce Ballarat. We were selected for the award following a rigorous selection process and were up against some very strong competitors. This prestigious award was celebrated in style at a gala night at the Mercure Ballarat.

- Awarded Elders Clip Of The Month 2018

Silver 2021

Other Nominations

Our Media Appearances

PRD Nationwide Ballarat & The Today Show (Channel 9)

Making their sheep their story, Leroy Mac Designs takes wool from their own farm to create a range of quality pure wool garments.

What we said
“I feel a bit naked up here. I took my shearing singlet off before I came. We are very privileged to be standing in front of so many great businesses out there. For two people to have a dream, then an idea and turn that into reality and then be recognised by so many of our peers, all of that within eight years, is fantastic. We look forward to the next few years. If half of our stuff that is currently in our pipeline comes out the other end, we will have some impressive designs hit catwalks around the world showcasing our fantastic fibre Australian merino and showcasing what can be done in regional Victoria,” Rodney McErvale. 
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